Etched In Stone

You’ll find me somewhere along the crossroads in the state of Misery, where old route 66 intersects with 71.  A quaint little town that time has forgot but magic never will.  Wanna know my story?

I’m your average, every day, loner—the invisible girl that doesn’t seem to exist.  That’s right.  You do know me.  That girl you pretend to ignore.  The one with the crazy momma locked up in the psych ward.  The one who lives with her granny on the outskirts of your precious little town.  Or maybe you are me, too afraid to say anything because you fear that others will see it too.

Our orchard produces the most delicious golden apples.  The apple orchard was our salvation and our curse, likely the only reason our family wasn’t completely shunned.  It was those very apples that helped to provide the town with some food back in the day of the great depression.  Our orchards, our trees… never failed to produce. It was for this reason that our name was whispered, our family accused of the devils magic.  Of course, we weren’t witches.  We are something entirely different.

It was said, Eve offered Adam the apple that cast us all from the garden of Eden.  And so it was that a golden apple cast a web of lies over the women of our family–the Stones.  I know exactly what you think of me, but you’re wrong.  Would you listen if I dared to tell you?

Disclaimer:  This blog and its contents are copyright to the Etched in Stones Series featuring Sybil Stones.  No parts may be copied or reproduced without permission.  Names have been changed to protect the innocent.  This is Sybil’s story, as it happened to her.  It’s entirety is a work of fiction, at least, that’s what they’ll want you to believe.  Even fairy tales are a version of the truth.  Only you can decide.


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